Another major star is behind the wheel of an expensive vehicle while being drunk. This time it is Copa America star Arturo Vidal. He totaled his red Ferrari and was taken in by the police for questioning.

Uncle Jesse was driving under the influence on Friday, June 12th, 2015. Around 7:45 LAPD pulled over John Stamos after several calls concerning erratic driving. Stamos was taken to a nearby hospital on suspicions of a medical issue.

This case was dismissed because of a dash camera failure. The majority of the arrest was not caught on tape. He did not submit a breathalyzer or blood test therefore police relied on field sobriety tests.

Robbie Knievel ran a red light and rear ended another vehicle causing a chain reaction car crash involving two other vehicles. No one was injured in the crash. Knievel was charged with felony driving, criminal endangerment running a red light, leaving the scene and operating a vehicle without a breathe alcohol ignition interlock.

A Florida Highway Patrol Officer saw the black pickup truck of Orange County Deputy Greg Popp swerving all over the road on a Monday morning. Popp told the trooper he had been drinking since 10 that morning and had been to a Jimmy Buffett concert the night before. Popp was arrested after refusing to take a field sobriety test.

Josie Canseco was arrested after being pulled over just after midnight in Hollywood, California after cops noticed she hit a curb. Canseco failed field sobriety tests. News sources believe Josie Canseco was under the influence of drugs and not alcohol.

Pierce was going over 20 mph over the speed limit when he was stopped and arrested for driving under the influence. “We have three standard sobriety tests: a horizontal gaze and stagmus test, a walk and turn test and a balancing test and he failed all three,” said Cpl. John Wachter, Baltimore County Police. The NFL and Baltimore Ravens zero tolerance policy came into play as the next day Bernard Pierce was cut by the Ravens.

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