The Only True Dry County in North Carolina – Graham County

While North Carolina has some interesting laws related to alcohol the most mind blowing is the “dry county” law. A dry county is one in which there are no alcohol sales allowed at any time. In the state of North Carolina alcohol sales are prohibited between 2 am and 7am Monday through Saturday or before noon on Sundays. This is apparent when spending time in a bar or restaurant after midnight. Every fifteen minutes leading up to “closing time” the bar or restaurant will announce that sales of alcoholic beverages will conclude at 2:00 am.

Graham County, in Western North Carolina, is very traditional in many ways. These traditions hold true when it comes to the sale of alcohol. Alcohol sales are not permitted, even in the town of Robbinsville, in Graham County. Recently, Tapoco Lodge and Fontana Village have received a liquor license but they can only sell certain types of alcohol within a given time frame. If you have the desire to drink alcohol in Graham County you will have to drive to neighboring Cherokee, Swain or Macon counties.

Many have argued one of the main reasons Graham County has a particularly high poverty rate is the lack of alcohol sales. Restaurants struggle to survive and residents of Graham County take the 25 miles trek over the mountain to buy alcohol from gas stations and convenience stores in Andrews or Bryson City. In 2015 one would think Graham County would loosen up their traditions a bit but it does not look as if that is going to happen anytime soon.

Although Graham County is a dry county it does not mean residents will not be arrested for driving while under the influence. When looking for the best DUI lawyer in this area remember to expand a search to Asheville and other areas. It is very interesting to see an area in which there are very few legal options. In fact, you cannot find a car accident or personal injury lawyer within several counties. If you are hoping to get legal advice you will likely have to go into Georgia, Tennessee or all the way to Asheville. Many lawyers that want to obtain clients are using the strategy of personal injury SEO. This is more and more common in 2018.

It will be interesting to see if any law offices pop up near the Murphy Casino that was recently built. With all the traffic in the area, there are sure to be a few car accidents. Heck, there was even a traffic jam trying to get into the Murphy Casino on the day it opened. The casino is still rather small but the Cherokee Indian Tribe is doing their best to grow it to the size of the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino.

There is even talk of Graham County getting a Cherokee Indian casino. If this happens on the Snowbird land it will be interesting to see what type of hoops they have to jump through to get alcohol legalized. The Tapoco Lodge now has a liquor license but it was not something that was easy to obtain. It is hard to imagine that any casino in the United States would operate without alcohol. If this comes to fruition we will be sure to update you as it relates to the county’s rules on alcohol.

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