Where do Police put DUI Checkpoints in Raleigh NC?

DUI Checkpoints in Raleigh North Carolina often take place at or near major intersections. Many of these intersections are often lacking a place to turn around, that way people operating a vehicle while under the influence don’t notice the DUI checkpoint until it is too late.

DUI checkpoints in Raleigh are often set up at random locations. The most common night for checkpoints is on Friday night. Occasionally checkpoints take place on Thursday or Saturday, although they can occur at any time.

Streets I’ve seen DUI checkpoints in Raleigh:

  • Western Blvd
  • Durham Rd
  • White Oak Rd
  • Hillsborough St & Western Blvd
  • Six Forks & Milbrook
  • Old Stage & Fanny Brown Rd
  • Banks Rd & Fanny Brown Rd

The best way to avoid DUI checkpoints is to not drive under the influence. Drivers who have been arrested for DUI or DWI in the state of North Carolina may find assistance by hiring a DUI attorney.

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