Does Health Insurance Cover Hospital Visits After a DUI Accident?

Throughout the country, hundred of injuries happen every single month during DUI vehicular accidents. Some are catastrophic while others are just scraps or bruises. After getting into any type of car or truck accident, most of those that are injured are encouraged to go to the hospital. There are many that do not want to pay the out of pocket cost of an emergency room visit. With this being the case, how does one know if their local health insurance plan covers hospital visits after an accident.

If you have a healthcare plan with a major healthcare provider, it is likely the case that some of the cost of a hospital visit is covered. Note that going to the emergency room is much more expensive than a regular visit to a physician. This is why most people will wait a few days after a DUI accident to self diagnose and determine if they need to go to the doctor rather than visiting the ER.

Unfortunately, unless you have read your entire policy or have been to the ER in the past, it is likely the case that you do not know how much of the emergency room visit is covered by your insurance plan. The best advice we have is to make 100% certain you are safe and healthy and worry about the costs of the hospital visit later. Most hospitals will allow you to pay off the expense over time through a payment plan. This means you won’t have to drop $10,000 the day you visit the hospital after a DUI accident.

Also remember that if you are injured by someone else that is driving under the influence, their car insurance will likely have to pay for your medical bills. You may want to contact a personal injury lawyer if you are struggling to get the party at fault to pay for your medical bills and other costs.

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