Portland DUI Lawyer Andy Green Interview

This page will host the interview with Portland DUI lawyer Andy Green.


How do people find you for your services?

As a legal professional I get a lot of referral business. Lawyers and attorneys that work in other verticals will send me some business. I also get a lot of calls and contacts from my website. By expanding my content and offering some great information on the different Oregon DUI programs I am able to help a large number of those that may be asking Google or other search engines questions. I also get return clients that have had other legal concerns or issues in the past. Overall, people find me all over which is fine because I know marketing is not a one stop shop.

How accurate is the information you find online as it relates to penalties, fines and jail time for the state of Oregon?

It’s interesting you ask. The laws change quite a bit but not enough for the information on the web to be so misleading. There are private blogs, legal websites and even .gov websites that all have conflicting information. When it comes to understanding the penalties laws and fines for a DUII in the state of Oregon I would suggest contacting a practicing lawyer. You will find that one particular county might have different laws than another. We recently created a resource on 3rd DUI convictions and how they differ from state to state. We are getting the information from a legal professional from each state to validate the facts. You can find it here – 3rd DUI conviction.

Why are there no DUI Checkpoints in Oregon?

Oregon deemed DUI checkpoints unconstitutional. I don’t think that is going to change any time in the near future.

Has Uber changed drunk driving concerns?

Uber is a fantastic business model. The fact that all the financial information is already stored and ready to go makes it much easier for someone that is under the influence to get a safe ride home. Five or ten years ago that same intoxicated person had to find their wallet, see if they had cash and attempt to pay the cab driver. Uber has changed all of that by allowing an individual to use a smartphone app to get a ride home. It will be interesting to see how DUI citations adjust moving forward.

How long does it take you to respond to a client’s call?

Unless I am in court I try to get back to a legal client as quickly as possible. There are times I am in court for an extended period of time but will get back to anyone that has contacted me in a 24 hour period. With the advancements in technology I can now check my email and contact us page rather frequently even if I do not have the opportunity to take a phone call. If you would like to contact me at any time you can do so at 503-471-1385. Remember that I am not limited to just Portland. We recently published an article on Milwaukie, Oregon DUI Lawyer representation. Check it out!

Thank you for your time, what can we expect next?

My website always has unique initiatives. Come back and check out our blog to see what we are doing next. You will be surprised to see how many valuable resources we are able to create to help those that may have difficult Oregon DUI questions.

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