Spokane County Cracks Down on DUIs

Each year nearly 10,000 people die in DUI related car accidents. The most recent statistic offered by the US CDC is 9,967 deaths in 2014.

In 2016, Spokane County had a surge in DUI arrests. Charges for DUIs were as light as owning a stolen pistol in Chicago, until Spokane Washington’s prosecutor, Larry Haskell, began cracking down.

As of August 1, 2016, drivers caught for DUI will have a tough time escaping the charges and face stiffer penalties.

As noted in the Spokesman Review, Haskell said that over the Fourth of July weekend, 30 people in Spokane were arrested for DUI and almost half (13 out of 30) were repeat offenders.
Some of Haskell’s goals include:

  • DUI offenders with a BAC exceeding .12 will no longer be able to plead down their charges
  • Convicted DUI drivers getting ignition interlock device on their vehicles for a year
  • Mandatory prison time for repeat offenders

With this news, hiring a DUI attorney in Spokane is even more important than ever. According to Spokane DUI Lawyer Dean Chuang and experienced DUI attorney can challenge the legality of the initial stop, challenge the administration of BAC tests and review police reports for inconsistencies.

Hopefully the injuries in Spokane will slow; the community is recovering from a major loss. In June a high speed accident killed a teen and left two other young people injured in a crash on Highway 395. If needless and tragic deaths and injuries like this can be avoided everyone will be happy.

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