Vince Young DWI Results: What Charges Will He Face?

Former Tennessee Titans and Texas Longhorns quarterback Vince Young was arrested on Sunday, January 24th at 11:16 pm for driving while intoxicated. The arrest was made by the Austin Traffic Department during a traffic stop in the 4600 block of the North I-35 service by Airport Boulevard. The Monday following the arrest, Young was transported to the Travis County Jail and set to a $2,000 bond. Young sought DWI legal advice at this point.

Police state that when they caught Young driving carelessly, his speech was slurred and mumbled. They explained that he admitted to drinking three or four bottles of beer at the W Austin hotel prior to operating his vehicle. Although he did not remember exactly what time he was drinking, at 11:23 pm, he told officers that it was probably around 2:30 am.

Officers also report that Young stumbled during the “walk and turn” sobriety test and declined to participate in other sobriety tests. Additionally, he refused to provide a blood or breath sample so that his blood alcohol content level could be determined.

According to a statement published on Young’s Facebook page, he is sorry to his fans and employers that look to him as a role model. Young explained that he is very disappointed in his drinking and driving and hopes that his poor behavior serves as a lesson that others can learn from. He ended the statement by thanking all of the individuals who provided him with love and support.

On Tuesday, January 26th, The University of Texas announced that despite his arrest, Young will be able to keep his job as a diversity and community engagement officer in the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement.

Young’s main responsibility in his position is to raise money in order to support the countless educational programs provided by the division. Gary Susswein, Texas spokesman stated that the school will work with him to get through the issues correlated to his DWI, as they would with any other employee.

In addition to leading the University of Texas to a national championship victory over University of Southern California in the 2006 Rose Bowl, Young played six seasons in the NFL and was named a runner-up for the Heisman Memorial Trophy Award.

Many people have started to follow Vince Young on social media hoping to keep up with his antics. While he may privately be looking to increase his Snapchat score it would be much more important for him to clean up his life. We can only hope he continues to improve his decisions.

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